Paul H. Breslin

Career History / Resume

Technical Achievement Award - 1998

Scientific and Engineering Award - 2003


Carreer Summary:

1970-1975: High School: Agincourt Collegiate Institute

1975-1980: Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science), University of Waterloo

1980-1982: Master of Mathematics (Computer Science), University of Waterloo

1982-1984: Technical Staff Member: Human Computing Resources

1984-1986: Graphics Programmer: Omnibus Computer Graphics

1986-1988: Software Engineer: Digital Media Networks

1988-1991: Project Leader: Alias Research Inc.

1991-2000: Senior Product Architect/R&D Manager: Side Effects Software

2000-2001: Director, Graphics Technology: TrueSpectra Inc.

2002-2018: Senior Software Architect: Autodesk Inc. (f.k.a. Alias|Wavefront Inc.)

2018-present: Jack of Many Trades: Home sweet home