Paul H. Breslin

The Breslin Family

Heather, Paul & Sam, Aug/2002
Heather, Paul & Sam, Aug/2002


My wife Heather is an artist specializing in landscapes and pet portraits. Visit her web site here.

My daughter Samantha is currently working towards her PhD in Anthropology at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland. Her web page is here.


My brother Jim and his wife Colleen are now running their own business Ad-Check Promotions.

Our Breslin family origin is Ireland and Latvia. My father Jim Breslin Sr. met my mother Lija after WWII when she was displaced from Latvia and living near Dublin. They emigrated to Canada and married in Toronto in 1951. There they raised us four children: Brian, Maura, Paul and Jim. My brother Jim has a web page: click here.

We have many relatives living in the Dublin area from my fathers side of the family. My mothers sister and her family live in the Seattle area.

family 2005
The Breslin's - July 2005 (missing Brian)

family 1997
The Breslin's circa 1997
Back row:
Colleen & Jim, Brian, Mike and Sandra (Maura's daughter #1), Tracy (Maura's daughter #2) & Stokely, Mom (Lija) and me.
Seated on couch:
Larry & Krista (Maura's daughter #3) & Maura, Heather (my wife), Dad (Jim Sr.).
Seated on floor:
Samantha (our daughter), Jim Jr. (Colleen and Jim's son), Sandi and K.D.